LEADWAVE Releases Work From Home Guide

Business as usual – Your urgent Coronavirus checklist

To ensure your team can work as normally as possible from home

Many countries, including Canada, are in uncharted water when it comes to Coronavirus. And despite our country’s best efforts to contain the virus, the World Health Organisation has declared that this is a public health emergency of international concern.

The advice – as stated on the Government’s website – is to self-isolate should you suspect symptoms of Coronavirus. In some countries, it is predicted that up to a fifth of all workers could be off at work at the same time.

If your workforce needs to stay at home because of a Coronavirus emergency, how can you ensure that it’s business as usual?

We’ve created a 4-step checklist to help. It asks you to consider the following:

  • Data security
  • Access to data
  • Home office set up
  • Communication, collaboration, and management

Click here to download the guide.

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