Our core focus is to help business leverage technology to succeed.

Just think of LEADWAVE® as your in-house I.T. service department. Your one call. A department that doesn’t take up any space. One that won’t have to be replaced because the grass looked greener somewhere else. One that won’t spend half its time updating its Facebook status.

LEADWAVE® offers scalable I.T. solutions to small, medium and enterprise businesses.

LEADWAVE® has been a business I.T. service provider since 2006, but we actually draw on many more years of experience than that. Our founders have a collective 40+ years of experience in dealing with computer and network technologies. We’re committed to hiring and maintaining the best team of I.T. service technicians in the business. Our staff is on the leading edge of the technology wave, earning numerous industry certifications and maintaining competence in all critical areas.

As complex as our business can sometimes be, the end result is quite simple. You have one less thing to worry about and can focus on running your business.