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LEADWAVE provides IT Support in London Ontario as an MSP. An MSP (Managed Service Provider) is basically an outsourced IT Department. Whatever you would typically go to an IT department or internal IT staff member for would be handled by your MSP. This includes proactive service and reactive support. The procurement of hardware and software is also typically handled by your MSP.

IT Support 15 Years London
Leadwave Celebrating Providing IT Support In London Ontario and Surrounding Area for 15 years

Proactive Services

MSPs monitor every computer device on your network, including servers, computers, network switches, and internet routers and firewalls. We monitor how the devices are working and help prevent issues before they cause a decrease in productivity and efficiency for your staff. For example, when data storage space shows trends of becoming critically low, we get a notification. That notification begins a ticketing process to schedule one of our technicians to remedy the issue before it becomes a problem. As your IT Support partner we need to be looking for issues. Another aspect of our proactive services often overlooked is the access to your very own vCIO. Your vCIO meets with you on a monthly or quarterly basis to discuss your business and how your MSP can help you leverage technology to succeed. Your vCIO will help with your company’s challenges and provide guidance and suggestions on how best to use technology to find solutions to those challenges.

Reactive Support

An IT Support Department or MSP’s principal function is to help you and support your company’s users when computer issues arise. We are there to answer the phone through our helpdesk or to receive your request via email or online portal. We strive to review any issue that comes into our system within 12 minutes. We have a full-time service coordinator who schedules technicians and coordinates with clients. Our helpdesk operates like a well-run emergency room where your issues are handled on a priority and company impact basis. Any problem that causes a “stop work” issue for an employee is deemed an emergency and handled right away.

Vendor support

We provide support for any technology-related Vendor. This means that if you have an issue with your network-linked copier, you don’t need to call the copier company. You can use us as your “One Call” to handle all your technology-related problems. You would approve any extra charges from the vendor, of course. If the work is covered by a warranty, the goal is to get it fixed as soon as possible with no more client action, and most importantly, no extra bill at the end of the month.


Technology Equipment and Software Procurement

Our goal is to understand the specific technology needs of your business. We also strive to understand all your employees’ distinct roles.  This allows us to source and procure the correct equipment for each individual when a request is sent to our sales team.  You let us know when you have a new employee starting their role, and we provide you with an accurate quote of the equipment they’ll need to fulfill their job duties.  You approve the quote electronically, equipment is ordered, accounts are created, and everything is delivered and ready to go on their start date.

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