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LEADWAVE® offers affordable I.T. Solutions to businesses large and small. We support thousands of users across South Western Ontario.  We strive to form true partnerships with all our customers, we work with management to make I.T. a source of increased revenue and efficiently instead of a burden.

One Call

At LEADWAVE® you don’t have to handle your company’s difficult I.T. issues, that’s our job. We are your One Call I.T. Support company for any issue you are facing. If we cannot handle your issue promptly, we’ll call the vendor on your behalf who will resolve your issue.

True Client Partnership

At LEADWAVE® we don’t bill hourly, we set a flat rate that doesn’t change month to month. You pay us, to help you avoid I.T. issues and emergencies. Our goals are aligned, unlike a break/fix hourly billing model where you monthly bill could mount up quickly.

I.T. Profit vs I.T. Cost

Does your current I.T. support increase or decrease your bottom line? At LEADWAVE® we help you leverage technology to succeed. Being more efficient and doing more in less time is only possible with the right technology and the right I.T. Support team to back it up.

A Proven Process

LEADWAVE® has a simple proven process. We help you discover your precise I.T. needs and partner with you to provide those needs. We’ll raise your company’s I.T. standards and educate your staff on how to best use this new technology to succeed, as well as meet with you quarterly to ensure those standards are maintained as your Virtual CIO.