An infiltration of restricted information is one of the most serious threats a business can encounter. The experts at Leadwave understand this, and have developed network monitoring programs offering full services to protect your Petrolia, Ontario business. With 30 years combined experience, you can rest assured that spyware and malware are no match for the cutting-edge technology utilized by our experts.

Specialists local to Petrolia, actively monitor and protect any laptop or desktop associated with your business. Network monitoring measures employ the latest technology to secure the confidential information for your business, protecting you from the invisible threat of a strike.


Leadwave’s comprehensive network monitoring is designed to protect your Petrolia based business from infiltration. Hardware and software are optimized to protect you at every level, with software being continuously updated so you always have the most advanced methods on your side.

Starting with a firewall, network monitoring stops the access of Trojans, worms, infiltration and viruses. The next step is a spam blocker, so you don’t even see this nuisance in your inbox. Adding in anti-spyware and anti-virus provides the next level of protection against direct attacks and malware, and completing the package with web blocking ensures your safety in case of infested websites or malicious software.

Bringing Leadwave’s network monitoring system into your Petrolia, Ontario business will protect you against a wide range of potential threats and attacks, and your mind will be free to focus on building your brand.

Experts in Network MONITORING Systems

Did you know that the professional network monitoring services offered by Leadwave are local to you in Petrolia? Our state-of-the-art systems may already be protecting your fellow business owners. Offering network monitoring that never sleeps, you can take advantage of the most current technology and dedicated local experts, allowing you to spend more time with your business.

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