Wyoming, Ontario businesses are susceptible to a variety of electronic intrusions. From common spam emails, to malicious viruses and targeted attacks, it is a top priority to protect all information within the company. Leadwave has a long history of network monitoring; with our founders taking pride in over 30 years combined knowledge. We utilize industry leading technology to help you protect your business.

Leadwave’s industry certified specialists are highly trained in the protection of your Wyoming business’s private data. Personal and customer contact information, accounting details and even the business plan that sets you apart from your competitors are all kept sheltered behind a cutting- edge network monitoring system. Desktops and laptops are overseen and safeguarded to prevent any illegitimate access.

Comprehensive Network MONITORING for WYOMING, ONTARIO

Our network monitoring methods have been fine tuned to protect your business in Wyoming, Ontario by using multiple layers of defense. We implement both hardware and software in our design; the software is frequently updated and overseen, and works seamlessly to ensure maximum protection.

We start with firewalls which halt the intrusion of unwanted infiltration, viruses, Trojans and spyware. We then add spam blockers to keep all unwanted mail from your inbox. The added security of anti-spyware and anti-virus maintains your system against unidentified malware and direct threats. Finalizing the network monitoring system we add application and web blocking, allowing you to evade unseen threats like websites or content infected with malware.

With Leadwave’s network security monitoring on your side you can run your Wyoming area business without the constant burden and worry of electronic security.

Professional Network MONITORING

With the constant threat of innovative ways to intrude on your Wyoming, Ontario company’s confidentiality, network monitoring can seem like an overwhelming task. The I.T. experts at Leadwave can take on this undertaking for you. We have access to the latest network monitoring technology and provide 24/7 service; this can free up hours of your time and alleviate the worry and stress that comes with it.

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