What type of companies work with MSPs?  


When looking for clients/partners, we look for companies that fit best with the MSP model. These are the things we look for. 

  1. Companies made up of between 10 and 500 workstations or Employees 
  2. Companies that are dedicated to leveraging technology in their business to help achieve their goals.  
  3. Individuals that can enter into a partnership with us, and plan IT and Tech in their company. (Proactive) 
  4. Companies that want to have a high standard around IT to improve security and efficiency.  


Company Size 

Working with an MSP starts to become financially practical when a company has over 8 to 10 employees using dedicated computers daily. These companies begin to incur regular monthly IT costs and may be buying block time or simply be accustomed to the traditional Break/Fix Model of IT Support. This is the point companies need to start to take IT more seriously. When downtime starts to cost companies hundreds of dollars an hour in productivity it’s time to step up your IT plan. Also, at this point, security concerns start to increase.  When desktop numbers start to accumulate, standardization and security planning become key.  


Dedication to leveraging technology in their business and to achieving their goals.  

When we engage with customers, we only find 2 types of businesses. Businesses that respect IT and give it the budget and planning it needs in order have a positive impact, and companies that just want to do the minimum to continue the status quo. In the latter case, these businesses don’t understand that IT is not a cost but an opportunity. If you think of the first successful business that comes to your mind, there’s a 99% chance they’re of the former type. They value technology.  These companies use everything they can to grow and be successful, and technology is always a big part of that vision. Companies that ignore technology are usually dominated by competitors that don’t.  


Able to Partner with us and plan IT and Tech in their company. (Proactive) 

A big part of what we do is understanding our client’s business and goals. We want a partnership. We provide our partners with a vCIO (Virtual CIO) to form this partnershipWe meet monthly for larger clients that require more attention, but at minimum we meet with most of our clients on a quarterly basis with quick monthly check ins. In these meetings we talk about how the partnership is forming and how we can help. Our partners bring their goals and their problems. We discuss how we can help achieve these goals and solve their IT problems 


Companies that want to have a high IT Standard to improve security and efficiency 

As with many parts of your business, you standardize. You have company policies to make sure what management has planned is implemented. IT is no different, we aim to standardize all your IT Systems. From security protocols so everyone is safe, to IT infrastructure that allows all your staff to know where to save documents and access those documents. These may sound like simple standards, but companies struggle to implement these across the board without proper planning.  


If you find yourself matching at least 2 of these qualities, we look for it’s worth it for you to book a 15-minute intro call. CLICK HERE  

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