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Computer Technician

Leadwave Technologies Inc. – Ontario, Canada

Job Description

The successful candidate will be working in a business grade computer , network and server environment.

Candidate must be comfortable with working onsite or remotely for our business clients and troubleshooting issues related to business workstations, networking and servers.

Experience working in a business environment is necessary (Minimum 1 Year).

Wage will vary depending on experience.

Benefits will be available after 3 months.

Desired Skills & Experience

• Practical knowledge of internal components of workstations and servers to include
motherboards, ram, hard drives, video, sound, I/O, optical drives, ports and cooling
• Practical knowledge of accessories including keyboards, pointing devices, scanners,
printers, networking devices, routers, wireless devices, security devices and gaming
• Practical knowledge of stress limitations, heating and cooling limitations, over
clocking limitations and networking limitations
• Practical knowledge of assembly, disassembly and maintenance of all hardware

• Basic knowledge of server hardware needed.


• Practical knowledge of all currently available Windows operating systems to include
installation, recovery, setup and updating of all current versions.
• Practical knowledge of all anti-viral, security and firewall technologies including
installation, setup, recovery and updating.
• Practical knowledge of most major software suites for office use including Microsoft
Office, WordPerfect Suite and MS Works to include installation, setup, recovery and
• Practical knowledge of all internet browsing, e-mail and communications software to
include Internet Explorer, Outlook(Express),Firefox, Mozilla etc.
• Reasonable knowledge of server applications such as Active Directory, Exchange and current server operating systems.


• Trouble shooting skills in operating systems vs. hardware components.
• Trouble shooting skills in spyware, anti-viral removal and spam control.
• Trouble shooting skills in Windows OS installation and reinstallation.
• Trouble shooting skills in failed hardware identification.
• Trouble shooting skills in network routing and connectivity.

Additional Information

Experience:Entry level

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