Leadwave’s outsourced I.T. technicians can handle all the I.T. issues you face in your Tecumseh, Ontario business. Whether it is hardware, software, networks, back-ups, capacity – and on, and on, Leadwave’s team have over 50 years of collective experience, and certified outsourced I.T. technicians, to keep your Tecumseh, Ontario I.T. system running smoothly.

Expert outsourced I.T. technicians can monitor function and capacity of hard drives, network health, and system security, as well as data back-up and restoration, anything you require.


Tecumseh, Ontario businesses know that keeping operating costs low can determine business success. Our outstanding outsourced I.T. technicians can monitor your systems fully for a fraction of the cost of employing and training a full-time I.T. staff. We can update and stream-line your current systems, anticipate issues from a faulty hard drive, track a hard drives capacity, protect and restore data, anything related to your network and I.T. systems, both remotely and on-site.

No business can afford to let the maintaining of I.T. systems consume too much time and energy. Leadwave can customize outsourced I.T. technician service to your business’s specific needs in the Tecumseh area.

We take the stress out of I.T. systems with outsourced I.T. technician services, allowing you to utilize our experienced technicians on an on-call basis. You can shift your focus back to your business while our highly skilled and trained technicians integrate with your team quickly and effortlessly to resolve your I.T. problem.


Our outsourced I.T. technicians are experts in cutting-edge technology ready to monitor, manage and maintain all of your I.T. networks and systems. We pride ourselves in preventing any potential disruptions to the efficient running of your Tecumseh, Ontario business.

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