At Leadwave, our outsourced I.T. technicians can customize our service to the needs of your Sarnia-Lambton, Ontario business and monitor and support all of your I.T. requirements. We understand that Sarnia-Lambton, Ontario businesses have a wide range of I.T. network and computer systems that have one thing in common: they need to work consistently. Utilize our 30+ years of experience rather than finding and training your in-house I.T. staff at an overwhelming expense.

We can keep the I.T. systems on which your Sarnia-Lambton, Ontario business depends running trouble-free.


You can have all the I.T. services and products you require for much less than the cost of employing and training a full-time I.T. staff in the Sarnia-Lambton area. Our outstanding outsourced I.T. technicians can modernize and simplify your current systems, monitor system performance, and anticipate and prevent potential problems. We can also provide data protection and network security to make sure your data is never compromised. We are your full service I.T. provider.

With any enterprise business your primary concern is the efficient running of your business. Leadwave can provide outsourced I.T. technicians to support service contracts that take the stress and challenge out of maintaining your I.T. systems. We customize service contracts to your business’s specific needs in or around Sarnia-Lambton, Ontario.

We take the stress out of I.T. systems with outsourced I.T. technician services, allowing you to utilize our experienced technicians on an on-call basis. You can shift your focus back to your business while our highly skilled and trained technicians integrate with your team quickly and effortlessly to resolve your I.T. problem.


Our certified outsourced I.T. technicians are on the cutting-edge of technology and are experts on preventing any potential disruptions to the efficient running of your business. Your business will benefit from Leadwave’s outsourced I.T. technician services to increase your company’s productivity and decrease downtime.

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