Many Lakeshore, Ontario businesses recognize that the expense of training and employing in-house I.T. staff to maintain your systems can be overwhelming. That is why Leadwave offers our outsourced I.T. technicians. With more than fifty years of collective experience, Leadwave’s experts have the know-how to support and monitor all of your computer and network systems.

Who needs the overwhelming expense of training and employing in-house I.T. staff to when we offer experienced outsourced I.T technicians committed to monitoring and supporting all your computers and networks?


You can have all the I.T. services and products you require for much less than the cost of employing and training a full-time I.T. staff in the Lakeshore, Ontario area. Our outstanding outsourced I.T. technicians can modernize and simplify your current systems, monitor system performance, and anticipate and prevent potential problems. We can also provide data protection and network security to make sure your data is never compromised. We are your full service I.T. provider.

Managing all the issues of your business is stressful enough without maintaining your I.T. systems as well. That is why Leadwave offers outsourced I.T. technician services to fit the exact needs of your Lakeshore business.

Utilize our trained and highly skilled outsourced I.T. technicians, on an on-call basis, to integrate with your team quickly and effortlessly, solve your problem, and get your I.T. system back up and running. You can spend your time building your business with Leadwave Technologies as your I.T. service department.


We pride ourselves in keeping on the cutting-edge of technology. Our certified outsourced I.T. technicians are absolutely committed to monitoring, and maintaining all of your networks in Lakeshore, Ontario, to screen for issues and avert any disruptions to the running of your business.

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