Leadwave’s founders have 30 years of accumulated experience developing the server backup systems that protect the data and computer systems of Amherstburg, Ontario based businesses. We are experts in utilizing a full range of data recovery and restoration tools to ensure the crucial data that operates your Amherstburg business is always secure and accessible when you need it. Our highly competent server backup staff is industry certified and fully equipped to safeguard against data attackers such as data corruption, and damaged media or hardware.

Expert server backup technicians can automate the entire procedure of server backups and data recovery, and make it fail-safe. We know how to backup your data, and when and where, to make certain that backups are dependable, and your data is always restorable.


We utilize a dependable system that starts with a comprehensive server backup system automatically backing-up data in two safe locations, to ensure data recovery. All of your Amherstburg business data will be secure and safeguarded against loss or destruction. Our own reverse incremental technology can offer the fastest available restoration, if it becomes necessary. In addition, our retrieval services can restore corrupted files and recover information on storage disks that are damaged or corrupted.

There is also a convenient program available for server recovery that we call “One-Click”. This system is set up to allow you to switch seamlessly between servers running your platform. You can then fix or replace a troublesome server and easily restore data back to it when the new or repaired server is back on line.

Added to the list of server backup options from Leadwave, are services for disaster recovery. In the case of disaster, such as fire or theft, we can provide you with new equipment, like servers and computers, that are fully duplicated and ready by the next day of operation.


At Leadwave, we protect your data with the most advanced server backup tools and techniques. Our expert data recovery technicians are based local to Amherstburg, Ontario and employ a vast range of data recovery expertise. If your business is subjected to severe circumstances, ranging anywhere from fire or theft, to sabotage or hardware malfunction, in as little as 24 hours we can help in lost data recovery.

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