Leadwave knows that Grand Bend, Ontario businesses need their networks and computer systems to perform properly for their businesses to function. Our experienced outsourced I.T. technicians are committed to monitoring and supporting your I.T. systems under the expert guidance of our leaders who have 30+ years of comprehensive experience.

You can avoid the cost and disruption of training and employing in-house I.T. staff to maintain your systems. We provide outsourced I.T. technicians to manage all of your Grand Bend, Ontario I.T. requirements, and you are free to focus on the business that you know.


While many operating costs are beyond your control, the price of outsourced I.T. technician services can be a fraction of the outlay of employing and developing full-time I.T. staff in Grand Bend, Ontario. Our outstanding outsourced I.T. technicians can monitor your systems fully to anticipate issues before problems arise, from a faulty hard drive, to a hard drive at maximum capacity, to system capacity and security, providing both external and on-site support as you require.

Leadwave specializes in maintaining your I.T. systems so you can avoid the challenge and stress of doing so yourself. Expert outsourced I.T. technicians are ready to support service contracts specifically designed for the needs of your Grand Bend, Ontario business.

Outsourced I.T. technician support allows you the benefit of the skills and training of our experienced technicians on a recurring or on-call basis. When our capable technicians arrive at your facility they become a member of your Grand Bend, Ontario team and work with your staff to understand and resolve whatever has caused the disruption to your operation.


It is understood that your network and I.T. system must perform well for your Grand Bend, Ontario business. With that in mind we ensure that our outsourced I.T. technicians are certified, and equipped with the latest technology. Leadwave also provides round-the-clock monitoring service to make sure little issues do not develop into large ones.

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