On-Site IT technicians available in Corunna, Ontario

Is your network running efficiently?

Our specialized On-Site IT technicians are committed to improving the capabilities of your computer systems in Corunna. We pride ourselves in being on the leading edge of technology and are well versed in an array of different operating systems. Our certified team of On-Site IT technicians offer over 30 years of collective experience to serve all of your business’s IT requirements. We have the utmost confidence in our teams ability to produce measurable results, and improvements in the efficient running of your IT systems.

Could your business benefit from having a certified On-Site IT Technician ?

Our On-Site IT technicians are able to effortlessly integrate with your internal staff to observe and determine your business’s most suitable IT requirements. We will work with and train your team “in-house” and externally, saving you time and money, without the risk of having to hire an internal IT team. The increasing competitiveness of the business world also increases the risk of a trained IT staff member leaving one’s employ to pursue other options. Our highly skilled team of On-Site IT technicians are always available on an on-call basis.

On-Site IT service support contracts available for your business in Corunna, Ontario

LEADWAVE offers specifically designed On-Site IT service support contracts to meet the fluctuating demands of your business’s IT systems. Our contracts offer you the benefit of having one of our trained On-Site IT technicians “in-house” for as many days a week as required to monitor, manage and maintain all of your computer and networking systems in Corunna, Ontario.

By taking advantage of our remote monitoring feature, we can anticipate and respond to any potential issues before the affect your IT systems.

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