On-site I.T. Support – Windsor-Essex, Ontario

We are the I.T. service known for reliable on-site I.T. support to Windsor-Essex, Ontario. No one is more committed to keeping your Windsor-Essex I.T. departments at peak performance, with the most complete and innovative on-site I.T. support solutions. More than 50 years of collective on-site I.T. support experience guarantee that your I.T. systems will receive all the effort and support needed by your growing business.

Simple, Easy On-site I.T. Support

It is advantageous to use our on-site I.T. support specialists to replace the need for employing in-house I.T. staff members based in Windsor-Essex. Dramatically reducing the cost of employing a full-time I.T. support team can help your business to succeed. With Leadwave’s I.T. support technicians we can efficiently manage all of your I.T. requirements remotely and in-house as needed. We focus on eliminating I.T. problems by taking care of your on-site I.T. support issues quickly, with no downtime and quick resolution times. Can a minimal internal I.T. staff do that?

I.T. Support Made Easy

Frequently, after we have assessed your existing network and server setup, we may find there is room for improvement. Prior to integration of our on-site I.T. support professionals with a new company,  we carry out a complete review of your active I.T. infrastructure to conclude if some adjustments will improve future results.

Direct access between our skilled on-site I.T. support experts and your internal staff offer clear benefits in the form of significant cost savings and better resource management. Adaptability and know-how are our strengths, giving us an edge when it comes to foreseeing potential failures and reacting before your business is impacted. To ensure that your Windsor-Essex business avoids disruption we also monitor your I.T. systems for failures and downtime 24/7.

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Allow us to employ our highly qualified on-site I.T. technicians to protect your servers, computers and networks, and return to your main objective: running your business.

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