Over 30 years collective experience, have made the founders at Leadwave true experts in network virus protection of Windsor-Essex, Ontario clients’ proprietary information, customer privacy, and valuable data. We have all the network virus protection services and industry certified specialists needed, to guard your Windsor-Essex business from the pervasive threat of attack by malicious spyware, malware, viruses and spam.

No matter what cyber threat you face, the cutting-edge network virus protection system we have developed will protect you. Industry certified, well trained staff will monitor your computer systems and block any attempt at infiltration. Leadwave understands that in the Windsor-Essex, Ontario area almost all businesses rely on the internet in one way or another, and our success in protecting your system translates to your success in the market.


We utilize several steps used by Leadwave to assure network virus protection for your Windsor-Essex, Ontario business. This includes multiple layers of security where hardware and software work together. Then, we update and manage all associated software continuously to defend against looming threats that could cause system trouble.

Leadwave’s comprehensive network virus protection begins with firewall protection to make your network impenetrable to unwelcome access by viruses, Trojans , spyware, and worms. Spam will be blocked from finding its way into your inbox, with our anti-spam service added. We can stop all types of unknown malware, targeted attacks and Internet threats, with our anti-virus and anti-spyware protection. In addition, we can steer you away from websites infested with malware, and block applications from delivering risky software, with our application and web blocking options.

Using Leadwave’s advanced network virus protection in your Windsor-Essex business gives you the freedom of online safety, protecting you and your investment.


We pride ourselves at Leadwave in providing a strong network virus protection system to businesses in Windsor-Essex. We understand that taking this on, can consume hours every day. Why do it yourself when our network virus protection experts provide 24/7 service and monitoring, and have access to the latest technology. New and emerging threats are no match for our system, and you can rest easy knowing you have the experience of Leadwave’s I.T. professionals to support you.

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