Thirty years of combined network virus protection for Tilbury, Ontario and area businesses, have made the founders at Leadwave industry leaders in supplying protection for client’s valuable data, customer privacy, and proprietary information. The full lineup of systems we have established for network virus protection will protect the essential data of your Tilbury, Ontario business from malicious spyware, malware, viruses and spam. We have a team of industry certified network virus protection specialists, ready to make your data safe from every form of potential attack.

Network virus protection technicians utilize revolutionary technology to block spam, and secure your network and devices from computer viruses and spyware. We use proactive monitoring and management to protect desktops and laptops against the chronic threat of attack.


There are several steps used by Leadwave to assure network virus protection for your Tilbury, Ontario business. We create multiple layers of security where hardware and software work together. Then, we update and manage all associated software continuously to defend against looming threats that could cause system trouble.

Leadwave’s comprehensive network virus protection begins with firewall protection to make your network impenetrable to unwelcome access by viruses, Trojans, spyware, and worms. Spam will be blocked from finding its way into your inbox, with our anti-spam service added. We can stop all types of unknown malware, targeted attacks and Internet threats, with our anti-virus and anti-spyware protection. In addition, we can steer you away from websites infested with malware, and block applications from delivering risky software, with our application and web blocking options.

The network virus protection system Leadwave has developed will ease your mind and shield your Tilbury based business, allowing you to succeed, knowing you have full protection.


To complete data security for your Tilbury, Ontario business, the I.T. professionals at Leadwave are based locally and offer a wealth of network virus protection expertise. Don’t spend endless hours trying to keep your security current so you are protected against the new variations of cyber threats that appear on a daily basis. Let our experts make your network secure 24/7 with robust, state-of-the-art online network virus protection, and a team of dedicated experts taking care of it for you.

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