The founders at Leadwave have collective network virus protection experience of 30 years, focused on providing Forest, Ontario clients’ valuable data, customer privacy, and proprietary information with the utmost protection. Our network virus protection team is industry certified and well prepared to thwart any malicious attack by spyware, viruses, and spam. The full array of network virus protection services that we have developed, will protect your Forest, Ontario business from every form of spyware, malware, and virus.

Network virus protection technicians utilize revolutionary technology to block spam, and secure your network and devices from computer viruses and spyware. We use proactive monitoring and management to protect desktops and laptops against the chronic threat of attack.


Layers of network virus protection are used to provide the most comprehensive defense for your business in Forest, Ontario. Hardware and software work in unison to prevent any threats from disrupting daily operations.

Starting with a firewall, our network virus protection stops the access of Trojans, worms, infiltration and viruses. The next step is a spam blocker, so you don’t even see this nuisance in your inbox. Adding in anti-spyware and anti-virus provides the next level of protection against direct attacks and malware, and completing the package with web blocking ensures your safety in case of infested websites or malicious software.

It takes network virus protection from Leadwave to safeguard your Forest business from a full spectrum of potential hazards while giving you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have online security that will fully protect your network.


Let experts take the confusion out of your network virus protection. Leadwave’s professional service is available now in Forest, Ontario. Providing around the clock monitoring and support we are dedicated to protecting your business. Online threats are not something that stops when your business hours do, neither does the network virus protection at Leadwave.

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