Network Security – Wyoming, Ontario

Customer data, proprietary information and day to day operation, are all aspects of a Wyoming area business that need to be kept safeguarded in order to be successful. The industry certified professionals at Leadwave know how to protect your business and help you succeed. Boasting 30 years combined experience, the founders have developed a state of the art network security system to prevent unauthorized access to the internal workings of your facility.

Whether it is spyware, malware, viruses or other malicious software, the cutting edge network security systems they have developed will protect you. Industry certified, well trained staff will monitor your computer systems and block any attempt at infiltration. Leadwave understands that in Wyoming, Ontario almost all businesses rely on the internet in one way or another, and their success in protecting your system translates to your success in the market.

Wyoming’s Network Security Solution

One level of network security is not sufficient to protect your business; the experts at Leadwave understand this and have developed a multiple layered program to safeguard your company in the Wyoming area. By handling both the hardware and software we are able to protect you from evolving risks.

The network security software is regularly updated and managed to give you the most complete and up to date protection. A firewall makes your system impenetrable to viruses, Trojans, infiltration and spyware. Anti-spam filters stop junk mail from getting in the way of your customers’ and associates’ e-mail. Anti-spyware and anti-virus was developed to shield you against malware and intrusive internet attacks. And finally, application and web blocking is used so you can avoid websites infected with malware and malicious applications.

Your expertise is your Wyoming area business, not necessarily network security. So let the professionals at Leadwave take that off your plate, and you can focus more of your time on growth and success.

Network Security Authority

Dedicated I.T. professionals at Leadwave monitor and support your systems around the clock. Using the latest network security systems, we handle new and emerging threats that can impact your business. In Wyoming, our experts have a wealth of knowledge and can alleviate hours of your time by taking over your network security needs, so you can better focus your energy elsewhere in your business.

If you would like more details on Leadwave’s expert network security services, please call today.

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