Network Security – Windsor-Essex, Ontario

Network security is an important part of any business in Windsor-Essex. The experts at Leadwave can help clients protect sensitive data and the confidentiality of your customers. The founders have 30 years combined experience in this field, and have created a comprehensive set of network security services to protect your company from spyware, malware, virus attacks, and infiltration by spam.

Our network security professionals, local to Windsor-Essex, actively monitor and defend any laptop or desktop associated with your company. The confidential information you protect is safeguarded by network security measures employing the latest technology, protecting it from the unseen threat of an attack.

Windsor-Essex’s Network Security Solution

Through applying many layers of network security, the specialists at Leadwave are able to prevent disruptions to your Windsor-Essex area business. Software is continuously updated and managed to block any new and emerging threats.

Step one is a firewall, shielding your network from infiltration by Trojans, worms and spyware. Then, step two employs spam-blockers to stop the junk mail before it even reaches your mailbox. Step three is the fortification of anti-virus and anti-spyware, which builds an invisible wall to hinder all varieties of malware, internet threats and targeted strikes. The final step completes your network security package with web and application blockades, so you can conduct your business without worry of accidentally visiting a malware-infected website or downloading damaging applications.

The network security system Leadwave has developed will ease your mind and shield your Windsor-Essex area business, allowing you to succeed, knowing you have full protection.

Expert Network Security Providers

We pride ourselves at Leadwave in providing a strong network security system to businesses in Windsor-Essex. We understand that taking this on, can consume hours every day. Why do it yourself when our network security experts provide 24/7 service and monitoring, and have access to the latest technology. New and emerging threats are no match for our system, and you can rest easy knowing you have the experience of Leadwave’s I.T. professionals to support you.

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