Network Security – Watford, Ontario

Watford area businesses are susceptible to a variety of electronic intrusions. From common spam emails, to malicious viruses and targeted attacks, it is a top priority to protect all information within the company. Leadwave has a long history of network security; with our founders taking pride in over 30 years combined knowledge. We utilize industry leading technology to help you protect your business.

Our network security experts are industry certified, to provide your Watford business with the best defense against outside attacks. Computers and laptops are monitored to protect yours and your customers’ privacy as Leadwave understands this is the best way to build a strong foundation of trust and success.

Watford’s Comprehensive Network Security Answer

Hardware and software work together to protect your Watford, Ontario business, with Leadwave’s comprehensive network security system. Software is regularly renewed and supervised to optimize the defense of your network.

The system starts with a firewall to stop the intrusion of spyware, viruses, worms and Trojans. Next it provides an anti-spam filter to make sure the only e-mails you see are the ones you want to see. Adding in anti-virus and anti-spyware keeps out targeted attacks, malware and threats from the web. Completing the network security package is application and web blocking so you can browse the internet without the worry of visiting an infested website or downloading malicious software.

Bringing Leadwave’s network security system into your Watford area business will protect you against a wide range of potential threats and attacks, and your mind will be free to focus on building your brand.

Expert Network Security Providers

Did you know that the professional network security services offered by Leadwave are local to you in Watford? Our state of the art systems may already be protecting your fellow business owners. Offering network security that never sleeps, you can take advantage of the most up to date technology and dedicated local experts, allowing you to spend more time with your business.

Do you want more information on network security? Leadwave is waiting to hear from you.

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