Network Security – Kingsville, Ontario

Protecting customers’ information is one of the most important aspects of network security for Kingsville businesses today. Leadwave takes pride in their 30 years of experience safeguarding data of all kinds from unlawful access, and have developed comprehensive network security systems. Business owners in Kingsville can take advantage of our industry certified experts, who manage and monitor all computers accessed by your company to prevent infiltration.

Qualified and highly trained, Leadwave’s experts can stop attacks from malicious software, viruses, spyware and spam. Network security protection extends to all desktops and laptops used for your business, so there is no weak spot for an attacker to exploit.

Total Network Security for Kingsville

Layers of network security are used to give the most comprehensive protection for your business in Kingsville, Ontario. Hardware and software work in unison to prevent any threats from disrupting daily operations.

Starting with a firewall, our network security stops the access of Trojans, worms, infiltration and viruses. The next step is a spam blocker, so you don’t even see this nuisance in your inbox. Adding in anti-spyware and anti-virus provides the next level of protection against direct attacks and malware, and completing the package with web blocking ensures your safety in case of infested websites or malicious software.

You can alleviate the burden of electronic security for your Kingsville area business by putting Leadwave’s network security system on your side.

Network Security Expertise

Protecting the confidentiality of your Kingsville area business is the primary job of the I.T. experts at Leadwave. Network security that really works is time consuming and can be complicated; with new threats appearing daily, it can be hard to stay current. Leadwave’s professional service takes care of this for you, with state of the art technology and monitoring that never sleeps, you can rest assured your Kingsville area business is secure.

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