Customer data, proprietary information and day to day operation, are all aspects of a Watford, Ontario business that need network monitoring to safeguard your success. The industry certified professionals at Leadwave know how to protect your business and help you prosper. Boasting 30 years combined experience, the founders have developed a state of the art network monitoring system to prevent unauthorized access to the internal workings of your facility.

Industry certified and highly trained, we can stop attacks from malicious software, viruses, spyware and spam. Network monitoring extends to all desktops and laptops used for the business, so there is no weak spot for an attacker to exploit.

NETWORK MONITORING Authority for Watford, Ontario

Layers of network monitoring are used to provide the most comprehensive protection for your business in Watford, Ontario. Hardware and software work in unison to prevent any threats from disrupting daily operations.

The network monitoring software is regularly updated and managed to give you the most complete and advanced protection. A firewall makes your system impenetrable to viruses, Trojans, infiltration and spyware. Anti-spam filters stop junk mail from getting in the way of your customers’ and associates’ e-mail. Anti-spyware and anti-virus was developed to shield you against malware and intrusive internet attacks. And finally, application and web blocking is used so you can avoid websites infected with malware and malicious applications.

Leadwave has developed a network monitoring system that will ease your mind and shield your Watford, Ontario business, allowing peace of mind, knowing you have full protection.

Network Security Know-How

Experienced professionals make the difference when shopping for network monitoring in the Watford area. Leadwave has the knowledge and experience to keep your system safe through 24/7 monitoring, and cutting-edge technology. Their local, dedicated staff work to keep your system secure and strong enough to withstand even the newest variations of infiltration attempts.

Learn about LEADWAVE® and the team that helps you leverage technology to succeed.