At Leadwave, we appreciate both the importance of network monitoring, and the vulnerability the internet presents for your Amherstburg, Ontario business. An online presence can help you reach countless additional customers, but comes with the risk of breach from malware, spyware and viruses. We all know how annoying spam is in your personal inbox, but when it reaches to your customers the economic impact can be devastating. This is where strong network monitoring becomes indispensable.

Network monitoring experts at Leadwave are industry certified, to provide your Amherstburg area business with unsurpassed defense against outside attacks. Computers and laptops are monitored to protect yours and your customers’ privacy, as Leadwave understands this is the best way to build a strong foundation of trust and success.


Through applying many layers of network monitoring, the specialists at Leadwave are able to prevent disruptions to your Amherstburg, Ontario business. Software is continuously updated and managed to block any new and emerging threats.

Our network monitoring software is regularly updated and managed to give you the most complete and up-to-date protection. A firewall makes your system impenetrable to viruses, Trojans, infiltration and spyware. Anti-spam filters stop junk mail from getting in the way of your customers’ and associates’ e-mail. Anti-spyware and anti-virus was developed to shield you against malware and intrusive internet attacks. And finally application and web blocking is used so you can avoid websites infected with malware and malicious applications.

Your expertise is your Amherstburg area business, not network monitoring. So let the professionals at Leadwave take that off your plate, and you can focus more of your time on growth and success.


At Leadwave , we pride ourselves in providing a strong network monitoring system to businesses in Amherstburg, Ontario. We understand that taking this on, can consume hours every day. Why do it yourself when our network monitoring experts provide 24/7 service and security, and have access to the latest technology. New and emerging threats are no match for our system, and you can rest easy knowing you have the experience of Leadwave’s I.T. professionals to support you.

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