Leadwave founders’ expertise at protecting data and computer technologies has been developed over 30 years of combined experience. We utilize a complete range of data recovery and restoration tools to ensure the data crucial to the day-to-day operation of your Windsor-Essex, Ontario is always secure and accessible when you need it. Our staff is highly competent and industry certified to defend against potential data attack through data corruption, media destruction, and equipment failure.

You could spend a lot of time worrying about  protecting your data, wondering where, when, and how to backup your data to guarantee safe storage. Our data recovery technicians know data is vital to your business, they know how to make the process trouble-free with automated backup, and our data recovery services.


The data recovery and restoration team at Leadwave will start protecting your data by automatically backing-up in two separate secure locations, at specific intervals. You can be confident your valuable data will be safe, protected from corruption, and technologically prepared for the fastest restore possible. We also have file retrieval services available to recover information and restore files on storage devices that have experienced damage or corruption.

We have a additional plan available for server recovery that we call “One-Click” which allows you to easily switch between servers if one should breakdown. This provides the opportunity for you to fix or replace your equipment, then restore data back to the repaired or replaced server.

Another protection offered by Leadwave for data recovery and restoration is our disaster recovery services. With this service, should fire or theft or other disaster leave you without functioning equipment, we can  provide you with new servers and computers which are fully replicated and ready for use, by the next business day.


The data recovery technicians at Leadwave utilize advanced data recovery methods to keep your valuable data secure. We are local to Windsor-Essex, Ontario and carry a wealth of experience in data recovery. In extreme conditions we can help you recover data lost to fire, theft, sabotage or general hardware malfunction in as little as 24 hours.

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