To protect the critical data that operates your Wallaceburg, Ontario business, you need the data backup experts at Leadwave. Our founders have over 30 years combined experience in protecting every type of data and network apparatus. Leadwave’s technicians are on the cutting edge of technology, and are industry certified and fully competent to guard against prospective data enemies. We have developed a full suite of systems which we employ for data backups and data restoration to ensure the safety and availability of all your essential data.

Leadwave has a team of top-notch data backup technicians who can backup your vital data to ensure data recovery is reliable, and your data is recoverable. We will fully automate the how, when, and where of data backups for you, making recovery trouble-free.


The data backup team at Leadwave will start protecting your data by automatically backing-up in two separate secure locations, as considered necessary. You can be confident your valuable data will be safe, protected from corruption, and technologically prepared for the fastest restore possible. We have file retrieval services available to recover information and restore files on storage devices that have experienced damage or corruption.

No need for separate data backups or restoration on machines running differing operating systems such as Windows®, Linux, and Mac OSX. These operations can run concurrent data backups or recovery to protect your laptops, desktops, servers and VM servers. We have ensured that our data backups are Microsoft application aware, to seamlessly maintain the connectivity of user accounts and passwords, email, and database management of your Wallaceburg organization.

Wallaceburg industries who are directed to retain files for a specific duration, will find that we are able to tailor the scheduling of data backups and retention of your data, to comply with any mandatory archiving and preservation policies.


Our data backup technicians are based local to Wallaceburg, and bring a bounty of data recovery experience. We use the most advanced data backup and recovery techniques and tools to ensure the security of your data, and in extreme situations, in as little as 24 hours, Leadwave can help you recover lost data resulting from fire, theft, sabotage or hardware breakdown.

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