When you combine the years that Leadwave’s founders have been providing data backup services to protect data and computer technologies of Grand Bend, Ontario businesses, you have 30 years of collective experience at your disposal. We employ a full suite of data backup tools to protect your vital business data and ensure it’s available when you require it. Your data is fully safeguarded against data corruption, media damage and equipment failure by our industry certified and highly competent data backup staff.

To make sure it is there when you need it, data requires safe storage. You can trust our data backup technicians to take care of it for you, or you could invest a lot of time considering how, where, and when to backup your data. Our automated data backup, and recovery services can make the complete process trouble-free.


We utilize a trusted system that starts with a comprehensive system automatically performing data backups in two safe locations, to ensure data recovery. All of your data will be secure and safeguarded against loss or destruction. Our own reverse incremental technology can offer the fastest available restoration, if it becomes necessary. In addition, our retrieval services can access data on storage disks that are damaged or corrupted, to restore files and recover information.

Multiple operating systems such as Windows®, Linux, and Mac OSX, pose no problem for our data backups systems. There is no need for separate data backups or restoration to protect your laptops, desktops, servers and virtual servers , as we can run concurrent data backups or recovery on these machines. Our data backups are Microsoft application aware, to seamlessly maintain the connectivity of email, database management, and user accounts and passwords for your Grand Bend business.

Grand Bend industries who are directed to retain files for a specific duration, will find that we are able to customize the data backups and data retention scheduling, to comply with any mandatory archiving and preservation policies.


Data backup technicians at Leadwave always use the most up-to-date data backup and recovery know-how to keep your data safe. We are conveniently local to Grand Bend, Ontario and carry a vast accumulation of data backup experience. When disaster strikes we can help recover your lost data, from theft, fire or sabotage, in as little as 24 hours.

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