Server Recovery Plan


They can knock you down, but they can’t keep you down.

With LEADWAVE®’s “One-Click” Server Recovery Plan you don’t have to worry about an on-site server outage slowing down your business.  With a single click of your mouse you can be back up and running in a matter of minutes.  In the event of a server outage, LEADWAVE®’s “One-Click” Server Recovery Plan allows you to seamlessly switch to servers running on our platform.  This provides time to assess your server equipment and fix the problem while your business continues to operate as usual.

  • Configure frequency of disk image protection
  • Get failed servers and applications running in minutes with a single click
  • Create complete server or desktop disk images to restore to different hardware
  • Failover to the Axcient onsite appliance, or in case of total site failure, failover to a virtual office in the cloud
  • Test failover capabilities without impacting production environment
  • Restore back to the replacement server at your convenience

Server outages happen, but they don’t have to slow down your business.  Contact the server recovery specialists at LEADWAVE® for more information and a free quote on our “One-Click” Server Recovery Program.


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