On-site IT Support


You need a winning I.T. team and we have your “ringers”.

For enterprise businesses with real-time, onsite I.T. support needs, LEADWAVE® can arrange to have a trained and certified I.T. technician at your business for as many days a week as you require.

LEADWAVE®’s onsite I.T. support service contracts offer businesses the opportunity to bring an I.T. Technician “in-house” on a temporary basis. This allows you to get the boost in I.T. resources you need, with the flexibility to focus on project deadlines instead of employment deadlines. Our onsite I.T. technicians are trained to work on many different systems and are able to integrate themselves within your team quickly. It’s the perfect solution for larger organizations with fluctuating demands for I.T. support.

If your company needs immediate I.T. help, contact LEADWAVE® to find out if an onsite I.T. technician can provide your team with the boost it needs.


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