Application and Web Blocking


Eliminate application based threats and online distractions.

The internet is a vicious cycle. People build applications like Web Messenger for others to use on the internet. The application becomes popular. Hackers figure out how to use the application to deliver malicious software. LEADWAVE® figures out how to stop the hackers from getting what they want.

Whatever the new product or application, the story remains the same. Our application blocking services prevent programs such as AIM, Yahoo, IRC, and MSN Messenger, as well as other internet-based applications. This protects against Instant Messaging-based security threats, including exploits which allow the attacker to gain control of a machine running an IM client, and infections by viruses transferred in files over IM.

Application Blocking also blocks Peer-to-peer (P2P) applications such as Napster, GNUTella, Kazaa, BitTorrent, Winny, and eDonkey2000 which are all well known for transmitting spyware as well as using up valuable bandwidth that is better used for business purposes.

Our URL Filtering Service or “web blocking” prevents security problems by avoiding those websites that are infested with malware. Our web filtering service, WebBlocker, helps to keep your network and end users secure from viruses while giving you the ability to monitor online activity.

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