Anti-virus and Anti-spyware


The cure for the common computer cold.

Every day hundreds of new viruses are launched in hopes that they will infiltrate networks and send back valuable information that can be sold by their creators. Giving in is not an option. You can either spend hours of your day making sure your anit-virus is up to date so it can protect against these daily threats, or you can get the IT professionals at Leadwave to properly secure your network and devices from the computer viruses and spyware that wish to do you harm.

LEADWAVE®’s managed anti-virus and anti-spyware services will make sure your business has the monitoring, management and proactive approach needed to ensure the protection of your desktops and laptops against the ever present threat of viruses, spam and malware attacks.

Keeping up with all the new variations and versions of viruses and spy-ware can soak up a lot of time and energy – time and energy that is better spent focused on operating and growing your business.

  • Fully managed solution for the same price as your anti-virus software!
  • We include enterprise class end point software, monitored by us 24/7, and managed by a team of technical experts that will provide you with regular reports to ensure you can see the devices in your business are protected at all times!
  • Reduce operating costs
  • A security incident can stop you from being 100% productive at work. This costs the company a lot of money in lost productivity and in opportunity costs. A virus can hit many machines and take weeks to eradicate. Removing this risk will save you money!
  • Protect your company’s critical assets and information
  • Proactive technologies ensure an additional protection layer against all types of unknown malware, targeted attacks and Internet threats.
  • A flexible security solution
  • Our advanced security features offer the appropriate security for any size of company and network.
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • No longer will you be unsure of how well you are protected. We will provide you with reports monthly that let you know that you are safe!
  • Total peace of mind
  • Buying an antivirus solution, installing it, and then relying on everyone to keep it updated is a worry. Now you can rest assured that all your servers, PC’s and laptop are always protected and that there are a group of dedicated experts taking care of it for you 24/7.

Don’t let viruses and spy-ware infiltrate your business.  Contact the anti-virus and anti-spyware experts at LEADWAVE® to receive more information on our managed security services, including a free quote.


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