Network Security

Your data is valuable. And not just to you. So how do you protect it? How do you protect your proprietary information? Your customers' confidentiality? How do you protect it from viruses, from spyware, and from all the unnamed malware floating around the internet? LEADWAVE® has a range of solutions that can be customized to meet your specific security needs.


Seek and destroy spam before it reaches your inbox. For some, spam is a never-ending cascade of unwanted emails.  For those who have LEADWAVE®, spam is a problem that effects everyone else. 85-90% of all email is spam/malware 85% of unwanted mail is sent by zombies/bots 4 million new spam attacks are launched every day.

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Anti-virus and Anti-spyware

The cure for the common computer cold. Every day hundreds of new viruses are launched in hopes that they will infiltrate networks and send back valuable information that can be sold by their creators. Giving in is not an option. You can either spend hours of your day making sure your anit-virus is up to

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Application and Web Blocking

Eliminate application based threats and online distractions. The internet is a vicious cycle. People build applications like Web Messenger for others to use on the internet. The application becomes popular. Hackers figure out how to use the application to deliver malicious software. LEADWAVE® figures out how to stop the hackers from getting what they want.

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Firewall Protection

Turn your network into a blazing inferno of impenetrability. Firewalls are your first line of defence against viruses, worms, spyware, Trojans and infiltration. Unfortunately, not all firewalls are built the same. Some might call themselves “firewalls”, but in reality they’re little more than a luke-warm barrier that crafty hackers can easily jump over. LEADWAVE®’s Managed

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